Preparing for Flu Season in 2018

Original Source: JTA Health, Safety + Noise Specialists

Australia recorded one of the worst flu seasons ever in 2017 with 2 1/2 times more cases than the year before. The flu can have a detrimental effect on an entire workplace in terms of the number of employees on sick leave and overall productivity.

Providing onsite flu vaccinations for all your staff makes a lot of sense if you want to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. It’s a great return on investment with reports that companies have returned savings of up to 2.5 times the cost of the program in the past.

JTA On-Site Flu Vaccination Program

JTA has been conducting flu vaccinations since 2014 and it is now one their fastest growing health programs. They provide an end to end service which includes a dedicated Project Manager who will work closely with you to ensure the seamless implementation of your vaccination program.

Their trained and qualified professionals will provide on-site flu vaccinations for your team with minimal disruptions to the working day.

Key Benefits

  • Less workers taking sick leave due to the flu.
  • A healthier workforce means you’ll have fewer days with reduced productivity.
  • Vaccinations are provided at your workplace which means less downtime and greater convenience for your team.
  • Providing free vaccinations at work shows your staff that you care about them and increases staff morale.

Request more information about JTA’s Flu Vaccination Program here.

Combat Cross-Contamination

To further reduce workplace illness, improve productivity and increase staff morale, schedule a complimentary Office Equipment Health Check for you and three colleagues.

CompuClean is the only Australian company with proprietary cleaning systems that remove 99.9% of sickness causing bacteria and viruses that regular office cleaning cannot remove.

Due to the resources required only 5 Sydney businesses can take advantage of our Office Equipment Health Checks and complimentary CleanCare demonstration each month, so book now to avoid disappointment!

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