Get a FREE Office Equipment Health Check

***Offer Valid For You and 3 Colleagues***

  • Remove harmful bacteria & contaminants
  • Prolong the life of your IT equipment & accessories
  • Banish traces of winter germs like Influenza & Gastro

CLAIM YOUR FREE CLEAN… Stay Put, We’ll Come To You!

Do You Qualify?

If your office is within a 15km radius of Sydney CBD & has 25+ workstations, you qualify for a FREE Office Equipment Health Check & CleanCare Service of your entire workstation.

Why CompuClean?

CompuClean is the only Australian company with proprietary cleaning systems that remove 99.9% of sickness causing bacteria and viruses that regular office cleaning cannot remove.

Limited Openings

Due to the resources required only 5 Sydney businesses can take advantage of our Office Equipment Health Checks and free CleanCare service each month, so don’t miss out!

Includes Office Equipment Health Check (worth $189)

CompuClean’s Office Equipment Health Checks use the same test HACCP use when validating surface hygiene in restaurants and food service areas throughout Australia. This approved testing procedure can quickly determine whether you have harmful bacteria present on your office equipment.

If your equipment gets a pass, fantastic! We’ll leave you with free antibacterial hand wipes to maintain your workplace hygiene. If however your test returns a positive result showing evidence of harmful bacteria, we’ll perform a deep clean and then retest your computer and workstation to show you how complete our CleanCare service is.

Average number and type of bacteria per surface of a typical desk is 25,127.

Average number and type of bacteria per surface of a typical phone is 20, 961.

Average number and type of bacteria per surface of a typical keyboard is 3,295.


Sydney Sykstus (IT Change Management Manager Deakin University) says:

I manage the IT support team that support teaching and learning spaces at Deakin University and one of the mundane tasks is the cleaning of workstations within our teaching and learning spaces. From a technical perspective it added little value to staff morale and became administrative overhead ensuring resources are available. Then I tried Compuclean…..

The quality of work is highly commendable. Their onsite teams are dressed appropriately and are discrete in going about their task with minimum impact to students and staff.

It has been a seamless effort working with Compuclean from the day we requested a demonstration to the implementation of the service which is now entering its second year over all 5 campuses.

I highly recommend Compuclean to other universities who need this service because they really listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do.

Peta Prasch (Taylor Fry Consulting Actuaries) says:

It appears that everyone is extremely pleased with their sparkling PCs, telephones and equipment. Your team arrived on time and have done a fabulous job! I would not hesitate to use you again, should we require a service in the future. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service.

Mark Griffith (NSW Government) says:

The person who was on site was professional in the way he conducted himself as well as the way he worked. We’ve always had very good service from all your tech’s on site and it’s much appreciated.

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